The Innovation SABRE Awards
North America 2025

Showcasing what makes you different is more important than ever.


Welcome to the Innovation SABRE Awards
North America 2025

The Innovation SABREs were created as the In2 (Insight and Innovation) SABREs in 2013 as a vehicle for recognizing the expanding scope of the public relations profession, from content creation across multiple channels—paid, earned, shared and owned—to the increasing use of data and analytics to inform, enhance, and evaluate campaign success.

In the decade since then, the range of content created by public relations agencies and in-house professionals has only increased, taking advantage of new digital and social platforms and developments in technology—from artificial intelligence to augmented reality to the emergence of the metaverse—to help their clients engage with employees, consumers, shareholders and every conceivable stakeholder group.

The Innovation SABREs serve two primary purposes: (1) to celebrate the full breadth and scope of the creative content produced by modern public relations professionals and (2) to recognize innovation—and innovators—in a wide range of categories essential to the future development and direction of the public relations profession. 

Our 12th annual Innovation SABRE Awards North America will take place in early 2025. The date and location will be confirmed soon.

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