The Innovation SABRE Awards North America FAQs

Q: How should I approach the Innovation SABREs versus the Gold SABRE Awards North America? 
The Innovation SABREs are different than other SABRE competitions because, rather than looking at whole campaigns against practices and sectors, the Innovation SABREs spotlight the specific components of a campaign that make it cutting edge. With categories like digital marketing, content creation, brand narratives, integrated social media, video production and others, the Innovation SABREs are a chance to showcase your organization's transformation towards the future. 

Winners from the Innovation SABRE Awards competitions are automatically entered into consideration for the Global SABRE Awards, which countdown the 40 best public relations programs in the world. The global awards will be presented at the Global PR Summit each October. And winning  Innovation SABRE Awards also helps agencies earn a place in ourGlobal Creative Index

Q: How should I format my entry?
This is important! You can submit either a two-page PDF or a deck that doesn’t exceed 10 slides. We also highly encourage short video summaries of campaigns or sizzle reels. No Word documents, please convert these to PDFs before submitting!  

When possible, please try to include all relevant materials within your entry, this includes active links, including those to videos, media coverage, etc. Please note, if you are submitting for a visual category — or a visual plays heavily into your submission— please include the visual within your entry.

All entries will be submitted online — entry form here.

Q: Can you share some feedback you've received from judges?
Over the years, our judges have told us that while context is important, they prefer that entries stick to the submission parameters: either a two-page PDF or a deck that doesn’t exceed 10 slides. They also favor entries that tell a compelling story that's interesting to read and, when applicable,  includes visuals and graphics. And of course, results matter more than ever — show the campaign changed behavior and/or impacted the business.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements?

The Innovation SABRE Awards 2022 North America competition is open to any and all work created, at least in part, during the fourth quarter of 2020 or any part of 2021 and was developed and/or carried out in North America. 

Q: How much does it cost to enter?
A single entry costs $350. If different elements of the same overall campaign (for a single client) are being entered in multiple categories, each additional category costs $75. Entries submitted after September 27 but before the late deadline will also include a $75 late fee.

Q: What are the deadlines again?
The final deadline is Nov. 8.

Q: What are the categories? 
You can see the full category list here.

Q: How do the Innovation SABRE Awards fit into the Holmes Report's other initiatives? 
The Innovation SABREs are among the award competitions that we take into account for our Global Creative Index, the Global SABRE Awards and when evaluating an agency's caliber of work for Agency of the Year  consideration. 

Q: What does IN2 mean? What does SABRE stand for?
IN2 is our abbreviation for insight and innovation — two of the qualities we are celebrating with these awards. SABRE stands for Superior Achievement in Branding, Reputation & Engagement.

Q: When is the awards ceremony? 
The Innovation SABRE Awards ceremony will take place in February 2022. More details coming soon. 

Q: Do you require budget information?
We do not require budget information — except for the “Lean” categories. We understand that many clients are sensitive about releasing this information.If budget information is included (and many of our judges find it helpful), it will be treated in strictest confidence.

Q: Who can enter?
The In2 SABRE competition is open to anyone working in any other field related to public relations, communications, advertising, social media, marketing, storytelling, branding, reputation management and stakeholder engagement. We welcome entries from consulting firms, agencies, corporate departments, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, or other institutions, without restriction.

Q: How many campaigns or categories can I enter?
You can enter as many campaigns as you like, and there are no restrictions on the number of categories you can enter.

Q: Can jury members enter the SABRE competition?
Yes, we welcome entries from individuals, companies and agencies on our judging panel. We make every effort to ensure that judges are not assigned to categories in which their own work is in competition, but winners are picked by panels of at least four judges — all of them senior figures with strong opinions. This makes it difficult — not to mention embarrassing — for judges to advocate on behalf of their own work.

Q. Who should I contact for questions?
Please send any questions to Aarti Shah at aarti@provokemedia.com or our events team at events@provokemedia.com