South Asia SABRE Awards 2021

As disciplines converge, demonstrating what makes you different is more important than ever.


Welcome to the South Asia SABRE Awards 2021

The SABRE Awards have always been about engagement, credibility, and relationship building. Now more than ever you need to be able to demonstrate your credentials in these areas, and the peer reviewed endorsement of your abilities that SABRE provides is increasingly critical.

Why Enter?

Award Categories

Desc $ Cost
Basic Entry Fee (Gold)
Inclusive of 1 geography, 1 practice area, and 1 industry sector. Additional selections cost $30
Diamond SABRE Awards
$40 USD each (+ $125 basic entry fee)
Barby K. Siegel Barby K. SiegelCEO
Zeno Group
The SABRE Awards put a spotlight on the industry’s most compelling work, especially focusing on programs and initiatives that drive real business impact. Winning a SABRE is not only huge validation for the increasingly strategic role of insight-driven and measurable communications, but it is a galvanizing moment for our teams who take great pride in the work they do together with our clients.